Gorgeous Dahlia Pink Silk

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Step into a world where delicate beauty and refined elegance converge with the Small Flowered Decorative Dahlia ‘Pink Silk’. As a cultivar that exudes sophistication, ‘Pink Silk’ is a true treasure for any garden, providing an irresistibly soft pastel pink canvas that whispers tales of serenity and grace.

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Subtle and Sophisticated Hues: Embrace the soothing tones of ‘Pink Silk’, where each petal bathes in the gentle light of pastel soft pink. This dahlia variety offers a retreat into a world of calm, its tender color palette inviting peaceful contemplation and admiration.

Regal Stature: This dahlia variety stands with a proud height of 90 cm, offering a majestic sight. The stems rise confidently above the green foliage, ensuring the delicate pink blooms are showcased in all their glory.

Delicately Sized Blossoms: The beauty of ‘Pink Silk’ is further accentuated by its modestly sized blossoms, each spanning approximately 110 mm in diameter. The flowers are a testament to the perfection found in understated elegance, making them a sophisticated addition to any garden or bouquet.

Versatile Cut Flower: Dahlia ‘Pink Silk’ is not only a vision of beauty in the garden but also a prized choice as a cut flower. Its blooms are enduring and its stems robust, ideal for creating stunning arrangements that bring a touch of outdoor charm inside.

Grower’s Delight: Despite their delicate appearance, ‘Pink Silk’ dahlias are remarkably resilient and simple to cultivate, rewarding gardeners with their enduring beauty without the need for complex care.


In essence, the Small Flowered Decorative Dahlia ‘Pink Silk’ offers a slice of heaven for garden enthusiasts and floral aficionados alike. Its subtle charm is a gentle nod to the sophisticated gardener’s palette, infusing landscapes and floral displays with a breath of freshness and tranquility. Choose Dahlia ‘Pink Silk’ and let your garden be adorned with the soft embrace of pastel perfection.

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