Dahlia Baccara

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The Dahlia Baccara is a beautiful Medium Decorative dahlia with deep red flowers that are excellent as cut flowers. This striking dahlia is a must-have for any flower lover or florist looking for an elegant yet powerful addition to their range.

The Dahlia Baccara has a height of about 70-80 cm and flowers from July until the first frost. Its sturdy stems make it ideal as a cut flower and ensure that its flowers stay upright in a vase. The flowers have a diameter of about 10-15 cm and are densely packed into a perfectly shaped flower.

The deep red colour of the Dahlia Baccara is absolutely breathtaking and adds a touch of elegance and charm to any room or bouquet. Its flowers retain their colour and vibrancy for a long time in a vase, making it an excellent choice for floral arrangements, bridal bouquets or as a decoration on special occasions.

The Dahlia Baccara is easy to grow and thrives well in full sun. It likes well-drained soil and requires little maintenance. This beautiful dahlia is an asset to any garden and offers an abundance of flowers throughout the growing season.

Whether you are a florist looking for the perfect red cut flower for a special occasion, or a flower lover looking for a striking addition to their garden, the Dahlia Baccara is the perfect choice. Its beauty, vibrancy and striking colour make it one of the most sought-after dahlias in the flower industry.

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