Dahlia plant instructions

How to plant dahlias? We will tell you everything you need to know! We always plant dahlias in the spring, once the last frost has passed. Dahlias thrive in ample sunlight and grow best in fertile soil that can drain well.

When to plant dahlias

Dahlias like to planted in sunny areas and in well-drained soil. Usually the conditions for planting these beautiful flowers are perfect during spring time, during April, May and June. In warmer places, it is possible to plant dahlias during the fall or winter. In warm countries, be sure to give your dahlia some shade during the hottest part of the day. 

When to plant dahlias in pots?

Plant dahlias indoors in pots during late March or the beginning of April. This way, once it becomes warm enough, your dahlias will be well on their way to blooming nicely. 

Grow Guide

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This dahlia planting grow guide is an indication. The best time to plant dahlias is after the last possible frost of the year.

When do dahlias bloom?

Usually, dahlias bloom from midsummer (around July) through fall (October).  The specific blooming period also depend on the dahlia species, the timing of planting and the amount of care for the flower. The better you take care of your dahlias, the better and longer the blooming period will be!

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Can you cut dahlias?

Cutting dahlias is actually a very good idea. They make excellent flowers for bouquets, decorations and arrangements due to their vibrant colors and variety of shapes and sizes. Cutting your garden dahlias can also improve the bloom of other dahlia flowers.


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More FAQ's about dahlias

Do dahlias bloom all summer?

A lot of dahlias are able to bloom the biggest part of summer. Usually, some dahlias need a little bit more time to be ready for blooming during June. In temperate climates, like the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, dahlias will bloom until Fall starts. 

Deadheading dahlias is an important task to ensure your plants continue producing blooms throughout the growing season. You basically remove spent dahlia flowers. This way your dahlia plant will focus more on producing more blooms for a longer time period. When colors are starting to fade, you can start with removing them. Use a pair of gardening scissors and cut the stem just above the next set of leaves or a bud. 

The better you take care of your dahlias, the more they will reward you with beautiful blooms. The dahlia flowers need a lot of sunlight and have to be well-watered, espacially in dry and warm areas. During the hottest part of the day, they like some shade. But not too much, as they are really sun lovers. You can consider extra fertilizer for better growth, however in most cases this is not necessary.