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Where are all the new varieties from the catalogue?

Where are all the new varieties from the catalogue?

We are currently getting a lot of questions about where to find certain varieties in the webshop that are in our dahlia catalogue. To be clear, they are not all there….

Our dahlia catalogue is printed well in advance with some of the latest varieties of dahlias we can find. If we want to include a new variety in our assortment, we check whether these dahlias also do well in our test garden. If we are not satisfied with the growth or number of flowers, these varieties are discarded for ILoveDahlia.

It is therefore possible that there are new varieties that we do not currently supply in the webshop.

In the webshop of you can choose from more than 400 varieties, in the catalogue there are more than 700 varieties and in our trial garden there are more than 1000 lots. We at ILoveDahlia want to offer you an assortment we stand behind with new and old varieties.

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  • Mai-Britt Rodway says:

    Thank you for clarifying that

    May I take this opportunity to say I really wish you could find a way to ship tubers to UK again
    A couple of Dutch Companies still do ?

    Thank You
    Mai ?

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